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Dear impaktors, after considerable time and effort, we have trouble launching the app and its currency the impak Coin while ensuring its viability. Costs exceeding what had been collected through the ICO, a shift to a viable model to channel capital towards the impact economy, and a pandemic disrupting the retail business and consumers behavior are a few of the challenges we had to face.

impak is looking at many options, but is considering alternatives to potentially generate value for MPK holders.

We will give you more precise news in the months to come.

Thank you for your understanding.

The impak team


Find qualified businesses.

Zero waste grocery stores, biodegradable cleaning products, sustainable fashion, tool libraries and so much more. Every single business is qualified with great care in order to maximize your impact and, well, simplify your life.

Find qualified businesses

Make the most of impak Coins.

We present to you the reward program that does good. Buy online or in store from impak companies and receive impak Coins for each transaction.

Spend your impak Coins Power to the #impacteconomy
Impak Coin

*The impak Coin is indeed our very own certified - yes, that means legal and legit - cryptocurrency dedicated to the impact economy. Learn more here.


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