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impak is THE marketplace for socially responsible businesses.

Today, we all are contributing to its creation. You, your business, your suppliers, and your clients. #impaktribe

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An impact business

Say what!?

Fighting social or environmental problems is the core of an impact business.

2 scenarios

1 - Its services or products are directly related to the problem it’s trying to eliminate.

2 - Its services or products are unrelated with the problem it tries to solve, yet it’s still fighting for social or environmental causes.


Enter the world of impak

The impact market represents 10% of the total market. To give you an idea, in Canada, this means almost $ 4 billion. Tens of thousands of impakters committed to make their money do good by solving issues that matter to them.

And it’s only the beginning!

Be a part of our growing tribe with a constantly increasing purchasing power. You’re only a few clicks away from this new world.

Join the impak tribe. It’s free for impact businesses.

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impak is your business life only better

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