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Dear impaktors, after considerable time and effort, we have trouble launching the app and its currency the impak Coin while ensuring its viability. Costs exceeding what had been collected through the ICO, a shift to a viable model to channel capital towards the impact economy, and a pandemic disrupting the retail business and consumers behavior are a few of the challenges we had to face.

impak is looking at many options, but is considering alternatives to potentially generate value for MPK holders.

We will give you more precise news in the months to come.

Thank you for your understanding.

The impak team

Cryptocurrency : Coded to support the impact economy development

impak Finance launches impak Coin, the first stable cryptocurrency designed to support the growth of the impact economy. By design, impak Coin will build loyalty, reward collaboration and encourage its holders to buy from impak accredited members.

Our ICO in numbers

World map
impak Coin

Total MPK issued


1,414,860 CAD





Number 1 in Canada

Canada's first legal ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

The impak Coin (MPK) merges the benefits and functionality of complementary currencies, rewards programs and new decentralized virtual currencies. The aim of the MPK is to encourage and reward the use of impak.

You will be able to use impak Coins to:

Buy products and services from accredited companies on impak.

Peer to Peer (P2P) payments.

Earn interest by supporting impact entrepreneurs through microlending, crowdlending, and P2P lending relationships.

Convert to national currencies for a minimal fee.

Mobile MPK

Get rewarded for:

Downloading the impak mobile app.

Inviting your contacts to impak.

Helping impak businesses who request support.

Using national currency or impak Coin to buy a product or service from a impak business.

Investing in the impak Fund.

Purchasing impak Coins.

Face to face

Face to face

No strangers (issuing banks, merchant banks, gateways, etc.)

Ultra fast

Ultra fast

With MPK, transactions take a few seconds vs 10-40 min for Bitcoin vs 4-7 days for credit card.



Every impak Coin transaction is free.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient

Several thousand times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.



Digital keys are held by the MPK governance body to reduce risks for the users.



MPK governance body ensures price stability.

For everyday use

For everyday use

Invest in projects you care about within impak ecosystem.

Based on value creation

Based on value creation

impak Coin supply is tied to the growth of the impact economy.

August 2018: impak Coin update

As you know, our white paper calls us to provide regular updates, and although we’ve fallen behind, I’m happy to provide you with the following information, which we’ve been working hard to achieve.

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