Impact News #2- Impact & Transparency

Clara Leurent Clara Leurent June 4, 2019
Regularly, we comment on the latest news that caught our attention.
This month, responsible and impact investing are more than ever in the headlines. And the need for more transparency from companies has never been greater. That's great, since transparency is a prerequisite to impact investing 👇


The international finance still not so green. 

We can't really talk about ''climate change'' anymore. It’s a climate crisis. Decision makers must act now if they want to be able to meet their long-term goals.  « The costs associated with a sustainable transition are by far inferior to the intervention costs needed for a house in fire. »

→ Read it on Le Devoir (fr)


Invest in the Climate.

Some business leaders and investors still believe and continue to act as if the climate crisis isn’t their mission. «The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your area of interest or mission is - you won’t be able to achieve it in a +2 degrees Celsius environment. It's time to start investing in the climate. »

→ To read on Rally Assets (en)


« Responsible capitalism is capitalism that gets it right » Emery Jacquillat .

Politicians don't know what to do anymore. So now it's up to us. Mission-driven businesses have now become the solution to push other mainstream companies to take actions and have concrete and measurable goals linked to social and environmental issues. Like Emery Jacquillat, CEO of the french company CAMIF, we too think that change must happen now. Entrepreneurs, do you think you have the right tools to start impacting the world?

→ To read on Le Monde (fr)


CSR & open source: companies are showing us all.

Data transparency is more and more unavoidable for companies and investors who wish to stay in the spotlight. Using open source in CSR strategies is a huge step, but are these open source data enough to make a complete and legitimate portrait of a company's impact, like the public and employees seem to ask for?

The impact methodology, by analyzing both positive and negative impacts, is the best way to get a true portrait. And that’s precisely this level of precision a company needs to stay in the spotlight.

→ To read dans Novethic (fr)

The American company Moody's takes control over the french ESG notation agency VIGEO.

When American giant Moody's buys an ESG rating agency, one can understand that the true path forward is impact. Measuring both positive and negative impacts, the impact methodology allows to avoid greenwashing and impact washing. It really has become the way to go to stay an innovative and relevant investor.

→ To read  in Novethic (fr)



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