Impact News #1 - Focus on the impact investing

Clara Leurent Clara Leurent April 15, 2019
Every 2 weeks, we share our comments on the latest articles that caught our attention. 
This week, let's focus on the impact investing. The good news is, the investing world is moving fast! Now let's see how..


PRI to tackle 'fundamental' legal questions about considering impact.

Pension funds can have a big role to play in the transition, and the fiduciary question sometimes holds them back. Our view is that investing in solutions to global issues that will affect long term investments can’t be a bad investment. Maybe a start would be to simply map a funds’ portfolio towards the SDG’s as some of the leaders in the field have already done?
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ESG Focus: Impact Investing Emerges From the Shadows

''Impact investing in global markets has just breached the $500bn mark, according to a landmark report published in early April by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), double previous estimates.''

The impact investing market is growing fast so it becomes essential to standardize the impact norms to avoid the ''impact washing''.
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Impact investing for dual financial and social returns

"In 2015, the firm conducted a meta-study alongside Hamburg University that aggregated evidence from over 2000 empirical studies. They discovered that ESG and financial performance were positively correlated in the vast majority of cases."

The ESG approach has fortunately become more and more mainstream, yet we now  need to go further if we truly want to address global issues. The impact approach for investing is the right next step, as it looks not only at mitigation of risks and negative impacts, but creation of positive impacts.
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What the funds do : The portrait of Alter Equity

The responsible investments are not less profitable. It is just one among other but here is the example of Alter Equity, created by Fanny Picard. Alter Equity's goal is to create a 10% or more of return on investments by investing into businesses that make more than 50% of their turnover in social or environmental impactful activities.

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