Impact News #3 - Aaand Action!

Stéphanie B.-M. Stéphanie B.-M. July 29, 2019

Each month, discover articles and events that sparked the interest of our team. The third edition is a breeze on this very hot month of July. Big companies are starting to take action against climate change, whether forced or not! We think it's pretty good news for the planet. A sunny overview 🌅


“For good” businesses finally able to protect their mission

It's a first (in Canada)! Thanks to the initiative of a British Columbia citizen, the provincial government just passed the first law protecting mission-driven businesses. It was about time governments take action to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for their citizens. Wait, isn't that what any elected official should car about? Anyways, we're happy to see this kind of story can have a happy ending after all. 

Read more in The Tyee 


Total in trouble

Grassroot initiatives finally get encouraging results against the biggest polluters. Total—a French multinational Oil&Gas company—will soon have to follow the Paris Agreement if it doesn't want to be sued. Climate change is everyone's crisis and big companies will be forced to understand that sooner than later, for all our sakes.

Read more in Novethic (French only)


Checkup on the impact investment situation with Philippe Zaouati

Lack of standards, need to gather strong responsible investing actors together... France has every ingredient to become a leader of the green finance industry but does it have bonding material? An eye-opening interview on the situation by Philippe Zaouati.

Read more in RSE Data News (French only)


When investors say it's enough

Businesses absolutely need to become more transparent and coherent regarding their environmental impact results and initiatives. Investors want proof of result, intentions are not enough anymore to ensure long-term investments. And they are taking actions. 

Read more in Novethic (French only)


How to avoid impact washing

Impact investing is growing fast but impact and its principles are often misused for economical purposes and become impact washing. Responsible investors must gear up with defined and measurable goals as well as with reliable frameworks like the ones proposed by the Impact Management Project and UN's SDGs to avoid this malpractice. We therefore understand that a standardised methodology and comparable data are a must-have of the impact investment toolbox. 

Read more in Financial Standard


Greta Thunberg, our motivational coach

''I believe that the biggest danger is not our inaction. The real danger is when politicians and companies are making it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being done''. Greta Thunberg, in front of the French National Assembly, asked leaders to unite behing science. A simple message that hits hard and makes them all understand this is not a trend, this is a survival guide to long-term profitability and the continuity of life as we know it.

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